Who Should Callie Choose? Brandon Or Wyatt?

Everyone, the time has come to solve the ultimate dilemma for all fans of ABC Family's The Fosters. Who should Callie choose: Wyatt or Brandon? Callie suffered from crippling panic in last Monday's episode when it came time to sealing the deal with Wyatt, sweet boyfriend and all-around good guy, causing Callie to panic a little more about why this was happening. Was it just the act of having sex after Liam or did she still have feelings for Brandon?

With the way things have been going with Wyatt, it doesn't seem as though Callie is still pining for her foster brother. She is the one who has taken the end of their relationship way better than Brandon, and she is the one who is now with someone appropriate and not a crazy person who is much older and also dating another member of her family. Seriously though the Brandon/Dani stuff? Not okay at all. She might be legitimately insane. But that's a story for another day. So when it comes down to who is better for Callie's happiness and who is better with her, does Wyatt still come out on top? Does she still have a future with Brandon? Is it even worth it to explore that? Let's delve into that question a little further.

Brandon Pros

First things first, let's face it. Brandon is adorable. He's also a smart, talented musician who is extremely caring and sensitive. And he loves his family very much. From the first moment we and Brandon are introduced to Callie, Brandon is very welcoming and kind to her. Obviously this comes from feelings of romance and not really a familial affection but he was there for her through the Liam ordeal and many other problems Callie faced. He also was willing to do whatever necessary to provide for Callie and their relationship when they were together, and he stood his ground about his feelings for Callie when people were against it. That's pretty noble. And you can't deny the tension between the two. That was weirdly intriguing to watch.

Brandon Cons

This is obvious. Brandon and Callie are foster siblings. She will hopefully be adopted soon. There's almost no bigger obstacle for two youngsters in love than this. But if we have to expand beyond that for Brandon's shortcomings, it's not too difficult. He complains so much about his life and takes everything too seriously. That wasn't made any better when he was in that complicated relationship with Callie. And the most important thing is how selfish Brandon can be. He took too long to realize what Callie needed above all else: family. And when the relationship finally ended mutually, he still resorted to childish and destructive behavior to get over Callie. Brandon is now finally starting to get his life together (with the exception of coming clean to his dad about that Dani thing) so now is not the time to revisit a complicated relationship.

Wyatt Pros

Wyatt seems to always try and put Callie's needs and well-being before himself. Case in point: Wyatt called Stef and Lena when Callie tried to run away from home. He cares for her and makes an effort to be a good person despite getting flack from people like jealous Brandon, who once told Callie that Wyatt was no good and only wanted to be with her so they could have sex. Wyatt has supported Callie whether they were together or not and knows how hard things must be for her so he doesn't pressure.

Wyatt Cons

He did at one point insult her by calling her too messed up even for himself. And he did leave her in a lurch for a while when his family had financial issues and had to move to Indiana. But that doesn't really seem to be his fault.

I'd say the choice between Wyatt and Brandon is an obvious one just for the lack of complications alone. Brandon deserves to be with someone great eventually, but it's not his foster sister. As for Callie and Wyatt, this is a relationship that should make it through any hard time.

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