'The Fosters'' Callie & Wyatt Have Intimacy Issues In Season 2 But They're Still Perfect For Each Other

At the tender age of 16, The Fosters' Callie Jacob has already been a sexual assault victim, gone to trial over said assault, started a failed relationship with her foster brother, had complications with her adoption, and found her birth father and sister. Do you remember what you were doing at 16? I'm pretty sure all I cared about was passing my physics final and getting a date for homecoming. But there is one major, shining light in Callie's life right now, in the midst of all her new family drama: Callie's blooming relationship with Wyatt.

Callie and Wyatt have been in a relationship on and off many times over the course of The Fosters' one and a half seasons — and they were off only because Callie was on for a while with Brandon. But now Callie and Wyatt are hot and heavy and saying the "L" word to each other. With this healthy and strong relationship with Wyatt forming, are the tides starting to turn in Callie's favor?

Well, we know that once these two decide to get intimate, there are quite a few issues they will have to work on, and Maia Mitchell, who plays Callie, revealed that this could cause a few bumps in Callie's road to happiness, but I still maintain hope for the future. And I'm still not so sure about that newly discovered biological father, but let's put that on the back burner for now and talk more about why these two lovebirds are great together and deserve to be with each other for as long as possible.

Wyatt And Callie Really Care For Each Other

These two finally said they loved each other in last Monday's episode and Wyatt is clearly not in the relationship purely for physical reasons. He wants Callie to be happy, whether that is with a new biological father and sister or with The Fosters. They've both been there for each other through difficult times and they seem to want to stay by each other's side. Apparently he's even willing to ask Brandon for help with his and Callie's relationship in the coming episodes. If that's not someone who determined to make a romance work, no one is.

Callie Trusts Wyatt

Mitchell said this herself when asked about her character's romantic relationship. Callie is starting to be able to open up to Wyatt and trust him completely and Mitchell went on to say that Callie knows Wyatt only has her "best interests at heart." Sure, when the couple was starting to get physical in last Monday's episode, she stopped the intimacy by saying having sex was a violation of her parole, but by the end of the night she told Wyatt she was in love with him. So perhaps all Callie needs to do is just move past her first instinct of putting up a wall between herself and those who want to be close with her.

Wyatt Is Not Callie's Foster Brother

Let's be honest, that whole Brandon moment was just a mess. While some people are very passionate about the Brandon and Callie relationship, it was just not something that was ever going to work. Wyatt is a much more healthy option for Callie than her hopefully soon-to-be adoptive brother, especially now that it seems like Callie and Brandon are starting to develop a friendship — even though they're both probably still feeling awkward about how to act around one another. Hopefully, we get to see a strong platonic relationship grow from here on out.

So sure, Callie and Wyatt will have to deal with their fair share of problems. They will have to address those sexual assault issues and there could be tension about when they will actually start being intimate and whether or not Callie will open up to Wyatt about how comfortable she is with the idea in general. But seeing Wyatt's track record with Callie, we know these two can remain strong and loving. They both just have to put in the effort.

And maybe Wyatt could use a haircut soon. Just a suggestion.

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