Possible 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Plot Leak Might Make Fans Very Upset

Long ago, in a galaxy far far away — scratch that. Right now, in this galaxy... there might have been a plot leak for Star Wars Episode VII . The Guardian reports that the film blog, Badass Digest, revealed some plot details, which means that there might be a plot leak, with the operative word being "might." It could just be some heavy speculation. You never know.

Badass Digest claims that it had zero intention of giving any spoilers to fans, as geeks do not take spoilers lightly. However, the blog, in what it cites as an "exclusive" with plot details, goes on to write:

Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Since Badass Digest didn't cite any source for its "exclusive," it could, as The Guardian reports, indeed be indicative of a potential plot leak — anyone who leaks a plot isn't going to scream out loud in all caps, "HERE. QUOTE ME ON THIS! I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS MAJOR FAUX PAS." But without a source, it's easy — in a culture laden with speculation, theories, and fan fiction — to guess that it's no more than fictional bunk to get fans talking. With heavy anticipation for the film's December 2015 arrival plus the movie's delay, it can be easy to ascribe speculation to a fan's impatience.

So is this a plot leak? We won't know until someone steps up and apologizes, or until we see the movie in December of next year. But consider this your warning, Star Wars fans: there will likely be tons of rumors and speculation until the movies come out. Think of this way: imagine how crazy the rumors for Return of The Jedi would have been if Facebook and Twitter existed in 1983! (Or, for more non-spoilery fun: imagine what Yoda's Twitter would look like.)