Video Sums Up All 4 Seasons of 'Game of Thrones' In Less Than 3 Minutes — VIDEO

Missing Game of Thrones? Or want to explain it to somebody who won't sit through all four seasons of the show before watching Season 5 (even though that person is seriously missing out)? This video summarizes all four seasons Game of Thrones in under three minutes. This is how you binge-watch without losing a week of your life, I suppose.

Consider this video your Super Trailer To End All Trailers. The editing, the choice to use Lorde's hypnotic music, the cuts — all excellent, as they are congruent with the video's aim to zero in on all of the inhumane ruthlessness that's gone on in the series from day one, even before spoiler! Ned Stark lost his head (RIP). Plus, when Sansa Stark asks Littlefinger, "what do you want?" as he gazes at the Iron Throne while Lorde's voice sings the words "everybody wants to rule the world," it's like, yup, that's pretty much Game of Thrones in a Westeros nutshell.

So consider this a perfect way to get your GoT fix in under three minutes as you await Season 5 (SOOOO FAR AWAY), and also consider it a reminder that if this is the path we've been on since the show's inception, then it's bound to get a hell of a lot more gruesome. It's also a great reminder that Littlefinger's mustache is super creepy.

Check it out below.

jess9191 on YouTube

Image: HBO