Will 'Bachelorette' Chris Soules Be The Next 'Bachelor?' Let's Weigh His Chances

Let's face it: None of us were exactly surprised when Chris Soules was eliminated on The Bachelorette , and not just because Nick Viall and Josh Murray have practically been the clear cut top two since day one. While Chris is definitely a sweet, good looking guy with a lot to offer, what he's selling isn't exactly what Bachelorette Andi Dorfman is trying to buy. As an independent woman in a post-Destiny's Child world, Andi's not really into playing the whole farmer's wife role and giving up her career as a successful assistant district attorney in downtown Atlanta (even though it sounds like she might have already done that). She wants a guy who is willing to run the world beside her, not support him while his dreams come true as she forsakes her own.

But just because Andi isn't interested in Chris doesn't mean other girls aren't. He's obviously a quality guy if he made it this far, isn't he? So I wouldn't be surprised at all if Chris ends up being named the next Bachelor — and if his season is actually pretty enjoyable to watch. Sure, he might be boring right now, but a season populated by girls more suited to his tastes... and the demands of his Old MacDonald lifestyle? There are worse things than watching a polite, friendly farm boy find love, and most of them are named Juan Pablo Galavis.

So what's the likelihood that this actually ends up happening? Supposedly, Chris is already a lock, and sources close to our favorite farmer told Hollywood Life back in May that Chris's auditions have already started. So if your fingers were crossed for Chris in hopes that you could audition to win his heart, don't get your hopes up — you might already be too late.

Andi may have also confirmed the news with a kinda cryptic tweet that could be taken either way. You can be the judge of this one, but to me, it sounds like she's definitely hinting that we haven't seen the last of Chris.

If ABC is cool with it and it's up to Chris, a recent interview with USA Today makes Chris sound totally up to the challenge. "It was a good opportunity for a guy like me," Chris said. "And it's an even better opportunity to be on the other side, where you have the opportunity to meet 25 incredible women. So yeah, I would definitely consider it."

Either way, don't get too comfy back home in Iowa, Chris. Chances are good that ABC could come calling, and when love knocks, you always answer — mostly because it means more really, really expensive vacations.

Images: ABC