Mindy Kaling Stuns At The Fox TCA Summer Party

Okay, I'm just going to come right out and say it: I'm still super mad over Mindy Kaling's Emmy snub (it was honestly one of the most ridiculous of all the snubs, especially as it's multi-category), and I think I'm going to stay that way for the forseeable future.

But I have to learn how to pick myself up by my bootstraps, a la Miss Kaling, who not only finished up her gig as Emmy announcer with nary a hiccup, but has been showing up at events in showstopping outfit after showstopping outfit. Okay, so maybe she always looks that fabulous (and brightly colored), but still: It's even more notable at a time when promoting her show in a lovely series of cocktail dresses may seem like more than a burden than usual.

Wait, what am I even saying? I'm sure dressing up in rainbow-hued dress/shoe combinations is never not fun, especially when you're as good at it as Mindy Kaling is. I mean, take last night's Fox TCA All-Stars Summer Party, for example: she not only wore an emerald knee-grazing Tadashi Shoji cocktail dress (with lovely black lace detailing, I might add), but she paired it flawlessly with black peep-toe pumps and red, red lipstick.

Mark Davis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The dress fits her to a T, the neckline is gorgeously elegant, her styling is pitch perfect, and she is working that crazy background, amirite? And in addition to walking the red carpet, she also spoke as part of the comedy show runner's panel, about which she warned her Instagram followers, "Also known as the semi annual event where I say two or three offensive or incorrect things."

Well, if she said anything "offensive or incorrect," it hasn't made its way around the news circuit yet. And even if she did, it was probably a totally badass moment, like when she told everyone what she really thought about all the diversity complaints her show gets.

Images: Getty Images