Every 'Simpsons' Episode Will Be Available to Watch Online & Here's How Fans Will React

Here's some news that should make hardcore fans of The Simpsons rejoice. No, sadly, they haven't rethought that terrible Simpsons/Family Guy crossover episode that's coming up and nixed it entirely. Rather, it was announced that every episode of The Simpsons will soon be available to watch online. All together now: Woo hoo!

According to EW.com, FXX — the same network that will be airing every episode (522 in total) from all 25 seasons in order for a marathon beginning August 21 — will also be launching "Simpsons World." Launching in October, this website will allow viewers for the first time in the show's history to "access every episode of the series via their computer or other networked devices." They'll also be able to "search for specific quotes, curate their own own personalized playlists, and share their favorite show clips and quotes." Okay, fine, but when will they get Krusty Burger start delivering, too?

So why is this a big deal for fans of Matt Groening's long-running, beloved, animated series? Well, for one, online and VOD availability is practically non-existent, especially when it comes to classic episodes of the show. If you want to see your favorite episodes from the first ten seasons (which are pretty much universally agreed upon as the best ones) you either had to buy all of the DVDs or hope like crazy that your favorite oldie would be shown in syndication. Boo-urns, indeed.

But now that Simpsons fans will be able to access their all-time favorites at any given moment this fall, here's some cromulent GIFs that best expresses our reaction to this news.

Hmm, Every Episode of The Simpsons Will Be Available Online. Will I Ever Leave the House Again?

No, probably not. We should probably go outside and check on our sugar pile in the backyard, but there's no point now.

"Authenticated" FX Viewers Will Have Instant Access on iPhones and Other Devices. Excellllllllent.

In the famous words of C. Montgomery Burns. What's the C stand for? "I don't know."

You'll Get in the Way of Anyone Who Tries to Stop You From Watching The Simpsons Online


You Can Finally Educate All of Your Non-Simpsons Fan Friends on Essential Lingo and Episodes

It's "D'oh!" not "B'oh!"

October Feels Far Away, But At Least We'll Have That Marathon to Tide Us Over

And, in case you need to kill time until August you can watch that movie about a bus that has to speed around the city and it can't drop its speed below 50 MPH. I think it's called The Bus That Couldn't Slow Down.

Finally, Paying For Cable Will Feel Worthwhile

Cable costs way more than five bees for a quarter these days, but sometimes it pays to pay. According to HitFix.com, the Simpsons World apps will be available to those whose cable subscribers carry FX.

Your Love of The Simpsons Will Now Live on the Internet

"Oh, they have the Internet on computers now."

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