Dave Franco's Tinder Segment on 'Conan' Offers Even More Hilarious Footage — VIDEO

During his visit to Conan last week, actor Dave Franco participated in one of host Conan O'Brien's best remotes yet when Dave Franco and Conan O'Brien tried out Tinder, the matchmaking app, together. The results were, as expected, really hilarious. Not only was the 29-year-old Neighbors star game to go along with all of Conan's antics, but he was quite the cut-up himself. In fact, his Conan-approved Tinder profile read "I hear I'm the poor Dave Franco. P.S. F**k Dave Franco." The twelve-minute segment, which resulting in Dave and Conan meeting with a lovely young lady named Courtney and her friends, quickly became an Internet sensation. (If there's anything people love more than Tinder, it's Dave Franco and Conan O'Brien messing with Tinder in their creepy van.) Thankfully, Conan has released the outtakes from that segment, and they're as funny as you'd hope.

The footage that hit the cutting room floor included the two stars coming up with careers for their fake Tinder profiles ("I'm an animal dentist!") and a botched picture that Dave took of Conan (his wedding ring is visible). Watch the uproarious outtakes — in which Conan also describes his sexual prowess as involving "crying and a lot of apologizing" — here:

Team Coco on YouTube

Okay, can Conan just make this a regular segment like when he picks on associate producer Jordan Schlansky or plays video games? His rapport with Dave Franco is so natural and there's certainly no shortage of Tinder shenanigans to be had.

Image: Team Coco