Chris Soules Goes On a Speed Date, Gets A Phone Number On 'The Bachelorette: Men Tell All.' Weird.

It no longer matters whether or not Chris Soules will be back as the new Bachelor for a second go round — he's found true love, and he's found it on the Bachelorette: The Men Tell All stage. In a moment just slightly more bizarre than Ashley and JP revealing the sex of their baby via ultrasound in the first hour, tonight's special played host to yet another Bach first: After a rather emotional montage of Chris's scenes with Andi, one of his most dedicated fans invites herself on stage to pose a couple of questions to Chris, now that he's back on the market and all.

And although, at first, the lucky gal — who's name is, apparently, Ketra — pretended to just be a little curious about everyone's favorite farmer, she quickly admitted that she's totally warm for Chris's form. And since Chris Harrison is so very gracious, he let Ketra stick around on the stage, sharing a couch with the Bachelor of her dreams, so they could get to know each other. There's a catch, though. Their speed date has to end before the commercial break is up. Hold up, they put us through this awkward encounter and we don't get to see it unfold?!

No, wait, wait, we do get to see a little of it, and in a really strange way that makes me think that ABC wants us to feel as though we're getting an accidental behind-the-scenes glimpse at something we're not supposed to see. Job not well done, ABC, because I do not fall for your stunts. We do get to catch Chris getting a number on a show where he's been doing nothing but talk about the last time he got dumped, though — how's that for a plot twist?

Ah, The Bachelorette franchise: Making us constantly question, "What the hell am I actually watching right now?"

Images: ABC