Why Is Derek Losing His Powers?

Why do bad things always happen to Teen Wolf 's Derek Hale? Poor guy, maybe it's because the universe wants to balance out his hotness by having him go through lots of terrible events in his life. No matter the reason, it looks like Derek has yet another problem to handle, aside from being on a supernatural hit list and hunted by a bunch of crazy assassins who are hoping to take him out for a cut of $117 million. In Monday's episode "I.E.D.," Derek revealed that he is losing his wolf powers. Um... How on earth could this be possible?

It all started when Derek was kidnapped by his ex-girlfriend and psycho killer Kate Argent, who somehow turned him into a teenage-version of himself. She then manipulated Derek into taking her to the secret Hale lair, where she promptly helped steal $117 million of the Hale fortune. Somehow Derek became his regular, adult-aged, hot self again by the end of the episode, but his wolf eyes lost their iconic blue hue and turned Beta yellow instead. Teen Wolf has yet to explain how this happened and Derek doesn't know either, as he tasks Braeden to find out the truth. So what could be happening to everyone's favorite surly werewolf?

Perhaps the act of turning into his teenage self somehow drained him of his powers. The Mexican cave where Scott found Derek somehow triggered the Benjamin Button process and while teen Derek did have his wolf powers, it seems as though since returning to his actual age, Derek is getting less and less powerful.

It's also possible that The Benefactor somehow could be involved with this power-loss process, though how that is possible is still a mystery. It doesn't seem as though The Benefactor and Kate Argent are working together, as we found out in Monday's episode that Kate Argent is also on the dead pool list. Unless The Benefactor is someone familiar with whatever happened in the Mexican cave, like for instance Mexican hunter leader Araya, then it seems unlikely that The Benefactor has anything to do with this phenomenon.

No matter what is going on, it seems like most of the answers will be with Kate Argent. The age change looked to be her plan at the beginning of Season 4, considering she used it to her advantage. Maybe she knows more than anyone else in Beacon Hills at the moment. At this point, everyone knows more than the audience and Derek himself.

Images: MTV; blaineswolf, burningxxbitch/Tumblr