His Aging Backwards Was Part Of An Evil Plan

If you haven't noticed yet on Teen Wolf , Derek Hale isn't quite the man or wolf we remember him to be from Season 3. He looks different, he sounds different, and he definitely doesn't remember much— or anything from the last decade, really. In fact, he's basically a new person. In the Season 4 premiere of the hit MTV show, Derek was somehow aged backwards while being trapped in an old Mexican tomb surrounded by wolfsbane. Yeah, I know, it's crazy. And I thought those Oni things were crazy last season. But while people might be wondering how this happened and how to change him back, I'm more concerned about why he was made younger.

In Season 3 and the second episode of Season 4, we learned a few things about young Derek. He was once in love with a girl who he later had to kill, causing his eyes to turn blue when he transitioned into a werewolf. Young Derek also used to be on the Lacrosse team and has been manipulated by his Uncle Peter his entire life. Also, Scott finally finds out that Kate Argent and Derek used to know each other, the age as Peter puts it "when he still trusted her." So it makes perfect sense that Kate would age him backwards to this particular age, where he doesn't remember what happened to his family, and doesn't remember Scott, Stiles, or anyone in his wolf pack. He only remembers how he felt about Kate. This can only end badly.

So why put this plan in motion? So far, all we know about the newly monster-ized Kate is that she can't properly control her transition and she's totally not opposed to making out with a teenager—which is gross. We also find out that she might be looking for a stone called the Triskelion which is located in a secret vault underneath Beacon Hills High that the Hales created many years ago. And the only person who will take her to it is Derek, the one who remembers the good in Kate rather than the psycho she becomes.

Kate gets her hands on the Triskelion but Peter informs her the piece of stone is literally just that, a piece of stone. It can't help her do anything to control her shifts or emotions during the full moon. But as we know, this can't be Kate's only plan. She clearly is working with or for someone, and the only person we can think to implicate here is Season 4's newest villain, The Benefactor.

As Peter soon realizes, Kate wasn't even there for the Triskelion. She was really just looking for the money that was tucked away in the vault, $117 million worth. And then who do we see suddenly return? Older Derek. But there's something different about him: He no longer has his blue eyes, they're Beta yellow now. With Teen Wolf Season 4, it's safe to say one very clear thing: Things are only going to get crazier, more confusing, and super entertaining.

Images: MTV, itsbecauseteenwolf/Tumblr