'The Fosters' Callie Doesn't Have Feelings For Brandon Anymore — So, Callie & Wyatt Forever?

Sorry not sorry, Brallie 'shippers. Monday night's episode of ABC Family's The Fosters was a doozy — Lena lost her baby, Stef confronted Mike about Anna, and Callie told Brandon that she doesn't have feelings for him. That's right, people, Callie loves Wyatt and she and Brandon are officially dunzo. The Fosters ' Twitter has been posting #Brallie4Ever, but it turns out that they won't be. So, thankfully, now we can put that hashtag to rest.

In a standard turn of events, Wyatt turned to Brandon on Monday night for some advice on how to handle Callie. And, naturally, Brandon was weird and kind of hostile about it. Last week, in case you missed it, Wyatt and Callie decided to try having sex for the first time and Callie freaked out and bolted. And this Monday, Callie was still avoiding talking about it with Wyatt, so he tried to call in the heavy artillery. After Brandon made a few unhelpful comments like, "I already got out of your way, what else do you want," and, "Dating Callie doesn't come with a free guide book." He told Wyatt to give her her space — see, that wasn't so hard, Brandon.

Later on in the episode, Brandon confronted Callie about pushing Wyatt away and why she couldn't go through with taking their relationship to the next level. And that's when Callie finally dropped the bomb we've all been waiting for — the words that could set Brandon free and end Brallie. Callie told Brandon that, even though she thought she might still have feelings for him, she absolutely doesn't. I know what you're thinking, do we believe her? I do. Mostly because, following that confession that Brandon wasn't the reason she couldn't have sex with Wyatt, she admitted (silently) that it was because she'd been raped by Liam at her former foster home. Honesty was really winning on The Fosters this week.

Callie's truth parade continued when she opened up to Wyatt, sharing with him the reason why she couldn't seal the deal as well. So, she doesn't have feelings for Brandon AND she's talking about her pain? Callie's evolving right before our eyes. She asked Wyatt for some space to deal with her lingering trauma and he understood because Wyatt is perfect for her. Sigh.

But really, everyone — Callie doesn't have feelings for Brandon anymore and that's a really good thing.

Images: ABC Family, ishipbrallie/Tumblr