What Kind of Supernatural Creature Is He?

Apparently everyone in Beacon Hills has secrets. On Monday night's episode of Teen Wolf , "I.E.D.," everyone's favorite banshee Lydia was able to open the second part of the dead pool list with the help of another cypher. Some of the names on this second portion were obvious — Kate Argent and Kira unfortunately made the cut this time around. But there was one major surprise on the list: Jordan Parrish. That's right, Sheriff Stilinski's right hand man is apparently a supernatural creature himself. What a surprise, right? Not really. Eventually every character on this show has a hidden part of their personality that is revealed in the most unlikely ways. Now that we know Parrish is a creature of some kind, the biggest question is what exactly is he?

When the Nemeton tree was reignited with power thanks to Scott, Allison, and Stiles in Season 3, Scott's boss/helpful Druid Doctor Deaton explained that the tree would serve as a beacon, bringing more and more supernatural creatures to the area. And who showed up as a deputy on the show right after this happened? Parrish. We know he transferred after the tree got its powers back, so he has to be something. At this point on the show, anything is possible, but here are the most likely options.


It's possible that Parrish is a werewolf like most of the other names on the dead pool. After one of the wolves on the list was killed, Scott said that it was possible an entire pack was in the area right underneath their noses. Maybe Parrish belongs to this pack and that's how The Benefactor knows about him. Plus, there's a theory that Parrish could Isaac Lahey's older brother, which would make the werewolf theory even more poignant and interesting.


Or perhaps he is another kind of shapeshifter, someone who wouldn't be recognizable to Scott or the rest of his wolf pack and could easily slip past Sheriff Stilinski's senses. A siren is a shapeshifter that normally looks like a scary monster, but can change its appearance to look desirable to other people. Sirens release a toxin that can basically manipulate people into doing their bidding, but the effect doesn't last very long. Maybe Parrish is actually a siren who uses his abilities for good, like how he somehow got banshee Meredith to reveal the second cypher key to Lydia just by touching her and talking to her gently. He also gets to somehow be involved with many supernatural cases despite Sheriff Stilinski keeping a tight lid on all things out of the ordinary.

Whatever Parrish is, it's going to be so much fun to watch Scott and his wolf pack find out. Hopefully he can be an ally, and maybe he and Lydia can even get together. They seem to have some interesting chemistry that is worth exploring, and now we know they have at least one thing in common.

Images: MTV; aributtbutt, solembum22/Tumblr