How Does 'House of Cards' Affect Google?

Here's further proof that Frank Underwood has an impact on everything. Before House of Cards, no one really cared what the house majority whip was in Congress — or at least, no one asked Google what it was. But according to this graph of Google searches below, the term "house majority whip" spiked after House of Cards began. Not only that, but for the past two Februarys — when House of Cards premiered on Netflix — the term peaks in its searches.

This could potentially mean that people have been just been living their lives without knowing what the majority whip was (somewhere, my eighth grade social studies teacher is rolling his eyes at us all) or it could mean that people who tune into House of Cards didn't know much about politics prior to watching the show. But the most plausible reason is that most people who search for "majority whip" just want clarification in order to fully comprehend what's going on as they watch Underwood usurp all. It's human nature to Google terms relevant to what you're binge watching.

I mean, I Googled "house majority whip" when I was watching House of Cards. I also Googled "Corey Stoll" and "am I as tall as Kate Mara," but Google didn't know my height.

For the record, I'm not as tall as Kate Mara.

You can see the chart below.

Images: Netflix; Imgur