Are 'Catfish's Lauren & Derek Still Together? Prepare for Some Bad News

Once in a while, there's an episode of Catfish: The TV Show that you remember for a good reason. Lauren and Derek are the Catfish couple that fans could never forget. When we first met Lauren in their Season 2 episode, she was a single mother who had been chatting with a man she met on MySpace named Derek. But this wasn't just a fling. The two had been talking for eight whole stinking years before meeting face-to-face, or at least talking through video chat.

Whenever Lauren wanted to meet up, Derek always came up with an excuse for why he couldn't show up. While Nev and Max were digging around to see who this guy really is, they found that his phone number was registered to some dude named R. LeVourne. It was like every red flag you could possibly imagine went off that Derek was actually a catfish.

And then, he actually was not. Much to everyone's surprise, Derek seemed to be exactly who he said he was. Needless to say, Lauren was ecstatic to see that her Prince Charming really existed, and the two rode off into the sunset to seemingly start a new relationship together IRL. So did this Catfish success story stay that way?

On the Season 2 reunion show, Derek proposed to Lauren in one of the most epic, but not totally unexpected, moments of the season. Lauren and her young son, Mason, then relocated from Texas to be closer to Derek in Maryland, and the two told People that they planned on getting married sometime in 2015.

However, just about a month after that article was published, Lauren and Derek made headlines again. In May of this year, MTV confirmed that Lauren and Derek had in fact split, and they broke all of our hearts in the process. In a video interview on, Nev said the couple broke off their engagement "amicably," and it seems like they will remain friends. "I think it's important to remember just because relationships come and go, and you might be in love with someone, and you think that they're the one, take your time," Nev said in the interview. "There's no reason to rush." Oh, Nev. So, so wise.

Even though this news is almost as bad as if Lauren was actually catfished, there's always a silver lining to these things. At least now we have an excuse to be cynical again while watching Catfish, which is really the best way to watch Catfish, isn't it?

Image: MTV