9 Times #ShareACokeWith Got It So Very Wrong (And 8 Times It Got It So Very Right)

When Coca-Cola launched its “Share a Coke With” campaign last summer, the company was hoping that the option to personalize your Coke bottles and cans would take off and lead to a world full of happy, Coke-drinking people — and huge profits, of course. Alas, this turns out not to have been the case. According to a report just released by Forbes, people seem to generally enjoy the idea; they just don’t enjoy it enough for the campaign to have actually boosted the company’s earnings. Sorry, Coke. You know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men and all that.

That said, though, the campaign has led to a huge variety of hilarious results. Some of them are intentional; others aren’t; but either way, those that have been purchasing personalized Coke bottles — or at the very least, finding them in stores — have gotten super creative with them. As is the case with any wacky trend, some of the photos that have emerged are better than others (such is the nature of the beast) — so, ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure, we present #ShareACoke: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Oh, and if you do like the idea of making your very own custom Coke bottle, you can do it here. Just, y’know… for science.

The Good:

1. Stannis Baratheon

My favorite comment on this one reads, “For the soda is dark, and full of calories.” Too true. And while we’re on the subject…

2. Hodor

Hodor? Hodor.

3. Bruce Wayne

Bruce would probably have an entire walk-in fridge in Wayne Manor filled to the brim with Coke.

4. Jack Daniels

This is but one of many, many photos from people who all had the same idea — but it’s still funny, so here. Have at thee.

5. Rick James

This is the image that inspired this whole post, so obviously it belongs in the “good” list.

6. Gozer

I mean, if you’re going to share a tasty carbonated beverage with a villainous ghost, Gozer is probably your best choice.

7. Zuul

…Except maybe for Zuul.

8. Orange Is the New Black

Yes. So much yes.

The Bad:

1. Asshole

Frankly, I don’t really think I want to share a Coke with an asshole. I’d much rather share one with someone I, y’know, like. It’s usually better to surround yourself with positivity, no?

2. Brat

Same deal. Also, I’m not totally convinced a brat would even be willing to share something in the first place.

3. Britta

Your sad, neglected Britta pitcher would like to take this moment to remind you that water is healthier than Coke.

4. Soul Mate

But… what if you don’t believe in soul mates?

5. Luke Bryan

Sorry. I’m just not a Luke Bryan fan.

6. One Tree Hill

Or a One Tree Hill fan, for that matter.

7. Bro

I’ll pass.

8. Uh...


And the Ugly:

1. This:

…Wow. That is some extremely unfortunate packaging placement.

Images: Imgur (10); Twitter (5)