Is Hans 'OUAT's New Villain?

Storybrooke is an open door and it's starting to get really crowded — with Frozen characters. Along with the previously Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff, Prince Hans will join Once Upon A Time Season 4. And it seems that we've found our villain. Since OUAT cast Georgina Haig as OUAT's Elsa, there's been speculation as to whether or not the princess of Arendelle would be the series' Frozen arc's villain. But it looks like Hans, who's the only character to get a real description so far, might be this season's Pan.

According to E! News' report on Tuesday, OUAT's Hans, who has yet to be cast, has a recurring role in Season 4 and he's described as "refined and well-spoken on the outside, but he has a serious chip on his shoulder and an even more serious mean streak." So, basically, he's the same guy from Disney's Frozen just coming to eff things up in Storybrooke. Well, that's if he makes it to Storybrooke.

So far, the Frozen arc for this season of OUAT has been kept tightly under wraps — I mean, the show cast Elizabeth Mitchell and has yet to announce who she'll play, leaving me to initially believe that perhaps she was the villain. But, recent reports suggest that Mitchell will play either Elsa and Anna's mother or the original Snow Queen, so that means she's out as a truly malevolent force. Leaving us with Hans and the many ways his revenge against Anna and Elsa could play out on OUAT.

The Disney film ended with Anna punching Hans in the face and sending him home to the Southern Isles, in a cage, to face punishment from his brothers. I can only assume that his family wasn't happy to see him return after his poor performance in Arendelle and he just fell back to the bottom of his family's long list of children. So, Hans faced public humiliation both in Arendelle and when he got home to his family and I think we can all agree that he's most likely out for revenge. Which, luckily for him, is something almost every OUAT villain's storylines have been based on.

We already know that OUAT is going to new lands this season — so, here's a theory for you. Think of this, a desperate Hans is still feeling humiliated when he calls upon Rumpelstiltskin (as The Dark One) for help in taking over a kingdom. Rumpel agrees and traps Elsa in the urn we saw in the Season 3 finale, leaving Hans takes over Arendelle while imprisoning Anna and banishing Kristoff in the process. As far as revenge plots go, that makes perfect sense. Right? Which leaves Elsa to gather up allies in Storybrooke to travel to Arendelle with her to rescue her sister.

Regardless of how you slice it, if Kitsis and Horowitz are planning to set their Frozen storyline where the film left off, we're looking at a Hans revenge story. Because, well, I'd be surprised if he wasn't out for revenge. Hans was a twisted, evil guy and his OUAT description supports that. So, is Elsa going to turn him into an ice statue this time? That'd be pretty sweet.

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