Evil Hans Is Going To Be On 'OUAT'

Once Upon A Time is really turning into a place for Frozen-philes to guiltlessly indulge. Now, even more characters will potentially be joining the roster of Disney characters on the ABC show, as E! News reports that Hans from Frozen will join Anna and Elsa on Once Upon A Time . This is probably the one time when you're like, "yesssss, Hans," and not, "hell no, you're an evil CGI guy."

Hans (who has yet to be cast) will be joining Georgina Haig (Elsa), Elizabeth Lail (Anna), and Michael Foster (Kristoff) in a series of events that Entertainment Weekly reports will take place after the movie's events. So what happened to Hans? Obviously, he's not doing so well. Anna and Elsa are reunited, Arendelle has been de-thawed... hmm... does that sound like a potential Frozen 2 to anyone?

If not, then the OUAT Frozen storyline should at least satiate any Frozen fan's appetite for the time being, even if there aren't any Idina Menzel power ballads involved. Seeing the characters (minus Olaf, sadly) will likely prove to be enough, and it will also be a boon to OUAT's ratings when it returns to ABC on September 28.

Those Frozen fans are bountiful, and boy, are they committed to their cause.

Image: Disney