Cory Monteith's Final Film to Debut at Toronto Film Festival the Same Month as Emmy and 'Glee' Tribute

Before he passed, Cory Monteith starred in two films, one of which will debut at the Toronto Film Festival next month. All The Wrong Reasons co-starred Monteith as a store manager in a department store where four people's lives collide after a traumatic event.

The news comes soon after it was announced that Monteith will be honored at the 2013 Emmy Awards. And, earlier today, Lea Michele, Monteith's Glee co-star and girlfriend, tweeted some somber photos from backstage on the set of Glee, whose Season 5 premiere was pushed back to Sept. 26.

It's been a rough month for the stars and fans of Monteith, whose July 13 death in Vancouver following an overdose of heroin and alcohol was a terrible shock. In a brave and bold move, Michele is helping assist the writers of Glee with the episode in which Monteith will be written off, and the episode will be drug-related to warn young fans about the dangers of drug abuse. Michele recently recorded what she called "the most beautiful and perfect song" for the tribute episode to Monteith's character, Finn Hudson. It's sure to be a dark season on Glee in the wake of Monteith's death, but at least his fans know his legacy will not be ignored this September.