It's Aladdin Like You've Never Seen Him Before

I love when Disney defies its normal standards, so Yotam Perel's Disney GIFs that feature classic, beautifully animated characters as eye-popping, silly, uglified weirdos are pretty awesome treats. After all, anytime Disney gets fused with the Internet's quirky and sadistic sensibilities, it's pretty entertaining. #DepressingDisney remains a personal fave. (I'm sorry, but I'm still laughing about Beauty And The Yeast... Infection). But let's face it — Cinderella sometimes needs to spew out spit as she twirls around in her ball gown. It's a natural response, isn't it?

Perel's style is particularly cool, as it meshes together classic Disney visuals with more contemporary animation styles. In addition to making these GIFs, he also makes a lot of his own original stuff, including short videos and drawings. His work, which he posts on his Tumblr, is quite awesome, and definitely worth checking out.

So, take a look at these literally eye-popping, foaming-at-the-mouth princesses and princes. You might find yourself re-considering the way you envision classic Disney characters after you look at them, and they also may inspire you to send a pitch over to The House of Mouse asking for a revised version of Beauty And The Beast in which Belle bites off the Prince's face. Yum.

Images: perel/Tumblr