If Beyonce & Jay Z Are Divorcing, These Happy Photos Are Going to Become Oh So Sad

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Jay Z and Beyoncé have been riding together for 12 years. They've been a paragon of marital stability in the tumultuous world of romantic scandal that is Hollywood. This is exactly why the Beyoncé and Jay Z divorce rumors are so profoundly shocking. I'm confused and upset by everything concerning this, and it will be seriously difficult to listen to "Countdown" for a while if the split ends up happening. The song will do nothing but dredge up the sadness of their perfect family falling to pieces. Seriously, should I just resign myself now to the fact that "Drunk in Love" is meaningless?!

Cue the Sarah Maclachlan, because I feel a tearful Jayonce "In Memoriam" montage coming on. Let's remember the good times that Hova and Sasha Fierce have enjoyed, and take a look at how the world will be if Bey and Jay really do breakup. Caution, these pics may elicit an urge to ugly cry.

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