8 Signs That Beyonce Is Preparing for a Split

by Kadeen Griffiths

The rumor mill is whispering even louder about the impending split of Beyoncé and Jay Z. This power couple has been together since 2008 and there have always been rumors flying that they were feuding or about to get a divorce, but never have they been as strong as they have been since the infamous Jay Z and Solange elevator fight. In fact, despite the Carter-Knowles family doing their best to squash that event and move on with their lives, people are still theorizing that Jay Z's infidelity was the cause of the fight. The latest Page Six rumor states that Beyoncé has secretly been looking for a new apartment that seems way too expensive to be for her mother or her sister and if there's any truth to it at all then it certainly seems like Beyoncé is prepping for a split.

Beyoncé is an incredibly intelligent women. Just take a look at her meteoric rise to fame and the classy way she handles every scandal and issue that comes her way. If she was seen looking at apartments without her mother or her sister in tow right now — when the fever pitch of a Beyoncé and Jay Z split has reached an all time high — then she knew there was a chance that it might get out and she knew what people would say about it. There's always the chance that Beyoncé doesn't care. After all, it's not like she's bothered to comment on these divorce rumors so far. It just seems like a poor time to be looking at apartments, something that Beyoncé would be aware of before she did it.

All in all, the house is just the first sign that Beyoncé could be preparing for a potential split. There are still some other things she needs to be caught doing before we can consider this divorce an absolute future fact, but there have already been some signs that something big is coming.

Beyoncé has already...

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...posted more pictures of Blue Ivy than ever before.

Beyoncé is the leading source of all pictures of Blue Ivy, but it seems like she can't get enough of her baby girl in 2014 more so than any other year. Is the heavy focus on Blue Ivy in her pictures a sign that Blue is her sole source of happiness these days?

...identified with Rosie the Riveter.

Beyoncé posted an Instagram picture of herself as Rosie the Riveter, which was likely a response to #womenagainstfeminism. However, Rosie the Riveter is also a cultural icon symbolizing the women who worked in the factories while their men were away at war. Was the picture Beyoncé's way of preparing us for her becoming all the women who independent?

...(possibly) got marriage counseling.

Yet another unconfirmed rumor claimed that Beyoncé and Jay Z are getting marriage counseling while they're doing the On the Run Tour. If it's true, that means that Beyoncé is making every effort to work on her marriage. However, while that might mean that she's fighting to keep it, it could also means that she's giving it one last try so she can say that she did so before she moves on.

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...toured the world.

Before On the Run, Beyoncé was busy doing the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, which began in April 2013 and ended in March 2014. That's over a year that she spent apart from Jay Z, who made several guest appearances during her shows. Is it possible that Beyoncé was taking a small break from her marriage then and named the tour the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour to keep us off her trail?

...looked at houses.

If the Page Six rumor is true, then Beyoncé is already moving into the next phase of divorce preparations. Her publicist declined to comment, so we can't be sure just yet.

But we'll really get worried if she...

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...stops posting pictures of Jay Z.

One of the many things that Beyoncé is doing to deny the rumors without denying the rumors is posting plenty of pictures of Jay Z and herself getting cozy during On the Run and in general. If these happy family photos start to come to a stop, we'll know that marriage is really donezo.

...stops wearing her ring for good.

Every time Beyoncé's ring isn't on her finger, the world has a collective heart attack. We're already scrambling for explanations for why Beyoncé's wedding tattoo seems to be fading off her skin. Walking around too often without her ring on could be a sign that we've seen the last of it.

...sees a lawyer.

If Beyoncé gets caught anywhere near a lawyer, then that's it for her marriage with Jay Z in the eyes of the public. It doesn't matter if she's actually seeing the lawyer about the terms of a possible prenup or just asking him for the time, Beyoncé in the presence of a lawyer right now would be the biggest clue of them all.

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