5 Apps For Your Vagina

by Carrie Murphy

There's a new app out there that can not only help you track your fertility in order to get pregnant, but that also actually help you help other women to get pregnant. What? Well, here's the deal. Glow has a opt-in premium service called Glow First that's designed to offset some of the crazy costs of fertility treatments in the US. According to ABC News:

Through Glow First, users can opt to pay $50 a month for 10 months — the average time it takes most women to conceive. Then at the end of that period if a Glow First member does not have luck conceiving with the help of the app, they will get money from the contribution pool of cash, which will go directly towards costly infertility treatments or procedures.

Wow. Pretty cool, I think, although I'm interested to see how many women just starting to try to conceive would want to pay $50 a month up front. There's tons of menstrual cycle and fertility monitoring apps already out there, but Glow is different in another way, at least according to its developers. They say Glow takes accuracy a step further; CEO (and former Google exec) Mike Huang says of his new app:

"With the app, we track a lot of data and we will do our best to mine the data and give personalized information. As you enter more and more data it changes the data. For instance, it will say you have a 37 percent chance of getting pregnant today."

Glow definitely sounds great, but, as I said, it's far from the only app out there that can help you take care of and manage your ladyparts. Here are a few others worth downloading:

TamponTimer: Yup, this app reminds you when to change your tampon (or menstrual cup, or pad). It's good for forgetful people, but also great if you just want to be really, really careful about your menstrual products.

iPeriod: This is the app I use to track my menstrual cycle. I think the user interface can be kind of confusing, but once you figure it all out it, it's crazy accurate. It predicts my period down to the day each month! Plus, it's free!

HappyPlayTime: OK, this app isn't quite out yet, but when it comes out this fall, get ready. HappyPlayTime is an app that teaches women how to masturbate, with the goal of removing the social stigma surrounding female masturbation. It's also cute and pink and pretty charming, even with the weird cartoon representation of the vagina. I imagine a lot of people will say there's no need for an app to teach women how to pleasure themselves, but I think anything that helps anyone become more comfortable with their bodies and their sexualities is pretty great.

Selene: A few months ago, I made the choice to stop using hormonal birth control. As a result, I use Selene to track my fertility: My basal body temperature, cervical fluid, and more. (It also tracks my period, but like I said above, I find iPeriod more effective, at least in terms of predicting it). Selene is really easy to use, has gorgeous charts and graphics, and the developers are making helpful changes to it all the time.