Kate Middleton Has Been "Pregnant" at Least 11 Times! — PHOTOS

Poor Kate Middleton (besides, you know, the whole "I'm married to a prince" thing). It seems the Duchess can't go a single, solitary day without some rag mag or other claiming she's pregnant. She's been expecting twins; another boy; and as of this week, she's carrying a little girl, whom she'll name Diana.

What to believe? What to roll your eyes about? (Hint, most of it's the latter.) Let's have a little royal fun, shall we, and take a leisurely stroll down the lane of Kate Middleton Is Pregnant magazine covers of the past.

She's Having a Girl

Just this week, Life & Style came out with the news that Kate is pregnant with a little girl whom she’ll name Diana!

Image: Life & Style

The Palace Confirms It!

Not only is Kate having a girl, she’s having twin girls. What will she name them?!

Image: Ok! Magazine

Kate AND Jen Are Pregnant!

The only celebrity who may have been “pregnant” more times than Kate Middleton is Jennifer Aniston. How do these women deal?!

Image: In Touch

Twins Again!

And you thought she was upset during that whole nude scandal thing. The woman was thrilled! She was baking two babies inside her uterus!

Image: Star Magazine

Pregnant AND a Brain Tumor

Side note: has anyone aside from the Globe ever referred to a brain tumor as “brain tumor drama?”

Image: The Globe

Wait! Kate CAN'T Get Pregnant!

It’s the opposite of a pregnancy cover! It’s an anti-pregnancy cover!

Image: In Touch

Kate Confides in the Queen... Who's Dying

Where do we even begin with this cover?

Image: The Globe

Hi, It's Us! We're Having Twins Again!

I wonder where William and Kate hide all these children they have?

mage: Life & Style

Baby Number Two!

And they’re not stopping there… More kiddos to come for the very fertile royal couple.

Image: Life & Style

Another Girl for the Happy Couple!

But this time they won’t name her Diana.

Image: Star Magazine

Kate Was Actually Pregnant at the Royal Wedding

Best kept secret ever!

Image: Star Magazine