6 Thick Hair Mistakes You’re Making

by Julia Teen

The perks of having thick hair are many: the luxury of only washing your strands once a week; being able to rock layers; being able to pull off any type of braid you want. But thick hair also comes with a raft of its own problems: frizziness, dryness, and the feeling that you can't do anything with it. Fortunately, all of those issues are avoidable — if you don’t make any of these common thick hair mistakes….

Not Having The Right Cut

It’s a common thick hair complaint: “Women say to me all the time that they don’t know how to style or manage their thick hair,” says Sally Hershberger salon stylist Paul Perez. “I tell them that it is so important to have the proper cut, with the right amount of layers for better movement, face framing, and manageability.

Using Too Much Product

It creates buildup around your scalp and can dry your hair out over time, says Derek Williams, stylist to Maggie Gyllenhaal and Jenna Dewan-Tatum. Avoid the accumulation by sudsing up with a clarifying shampoo, which helps to remove excess oil and product.

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Not Doing Anything to Manage Frizz

“Dryness and frizz are common problems for thick hair,” Williams says. He says supplements are a great answer to these issues, as they help to keep hair tamed and healthy.

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Not Getting Regular Trims

If you want to get rid of some of your hair's "bulkiness," Perez says that you need to be coming into the salon more often. “When I cut thick hair and I want to remove weight, I will slide cut through the hair with sheers or use texturizing sheers,” he says. He also uses a razor on some hair types to create gorgeous movement.

Using Too Much Heat

Your hair may be able to handle more heat than finer hair types, but if you’re blow drying every day, you're doing damage. Try Williams’ pick for a hair oil that’ll help to put the nutrition back into your strands.

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Using The Wrong Type Of Brush

When frizz hits thick hair, your brush makes a difference. “A boar bristle brush is ace at smoothing out thick hair types,” Williams says.

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