'Big Brother' Caleb Hates Pickles, So Here Are a Ton of Pickles for Him (Enjoy, Buddy!)

Is it possible that Caleb is not only the worst person in Big Brother history, but in television history? Between his insane creepiness to Amber and his overt racism and homophobia, he's gone way past being the contestant we "love to hate" and all the way back around to "hate to hate" and then even further, to "despise to despise." Anyway, it turns out he absolutely hates pickles, so I thought it would be nice to, you know, give him a little present— a.k.a. pictures of as many pickles and horrifying pickled things as I could think of.

Enjoy, Caleb, you creepy jerk!

Image: CBS

Let's Start With Your Average Pickles...

Just your normal, everyday pickles. Not so bad, right?

Image: Vlasic

...and Move on to This Pickle-Flavored Lip Balm

Maybe Amber should put some of this on and ask him to pucker up?

Image: McPhee

This? This is Pickled Fish.


Image: Chefseng/Instagram

Have A Nice Big Pot of Pickled Eggs!

Just dunk your head right on in there, Caleb!

Image: Amanda Soule/Instagram

Kiss These Pickled Pigs' Lips!

Nice guys like Bruno Mars enjoy the southern delicacy, but somehow I don’t think Caleb would like them so much… and that’s a good thing! Eat up, jackass!

Image: Bruno Mars/Instagram

Pickled Chicken Feet, Yum!

You don’t like pickles? Well then you’ll hate these pickled chicken feet almost as people who watch Big Brother hate you.

Image: Shehu Fitzgerald/Instagram

And, Of Course, This Giant River of Pickles

Care for a swim, Caleb?

China Photos/Getty Images News/Getty Images