Zoe's Son Looks Awesome, So Shut Up, Internet

When I was a baby, my mother dressed me in San Francisco 49ers pajamas that were meant for a boy. (I also happened to have a stomach meant for a 55-year-old man.) When I was in grade school, my mother dressed me in shirts and shorts covered exclusively with cats. And when I was a teenager, I dressed myself in flannel shirts, black jeans, and Candies boots. Which is to say my mother was the one with good taste all along.

Yes, kids dress ridiculously. So it's patently ridiculous that Rachel Zoe is fielding ire for dressing her 2-year-old son, Skyler, ridiculously. Did I say ridiculously? I meant fabulously:

After Zoe posted the following picture to her Twitter, she was hit with criticisms from fans wondering if Skyler looked too feminine for a young boy. (Sample tweet: "Poor boy:( Wearing girly shoes.") First off, I could find at least a half dozen men wearing this exact same outfit if I stepped out of my door here in Brooklyn. Secondly, clothes your child wears has no bearing on his or her well-being, personality, or future. Otherwise, we'd live in a society full of princesses, robots, and pirates.

So back off, Internet. I only wish I could look as badass as Skyler. Or at least could at all pull off overalls.

Images: Getty Images, Rachel Zoe