Poppy and Georgie Made A Hilarious Music Video

Just in time for the finale of BBC America's hilariously awkward reality-comedy Almost Royal , Poppy and Georgie Carlton have finally made it to Nashville, Tenn. The location definitely means that we can expect to watch the cringe-inducing siblings get themselves into all kinds of southern trouble, especially since they've outlined some personal goals that they'd like to achieve in Nashville on their personal blog:

Poppy: release a really brilliant country record and become so, so famous.Georgie: try and do something a bit more manly (golf?)

Something manly for Georgie turns out to be catching fish with his bare hands and rolling around in the mud. And for Poppy? Well, she attempts to make everyone believe that her voice is god's gift to this earth. Unfortunately for little Poppet, the Nashville community doesn't take too kindly to her dreams of musical stardom.

However, lucky for all of us, she, along with Georgie, managed to put together a smashing video to go along with her very own original ballad, "Everyone Knows It But Me." From country-inspired costumes to self-absorbed lyrics, the naive siblings successfully turned their music video into one of the most peculiar yet amazing ones ever made. Don't believe us? Let's take a look at exactly why "Everyone Knows It But Me" should definitely be nominated for a Grammy.

1. The costumes are killer

Halloween shop-esque powder blue cowboy outfits, fringe dresses and jackets, and a princess dress with a pearl choker? They really know how to evoke a southern feel.

2. The dance moves are catchy

Every backup dancer looks like they're at a Taylor Swift concert.

3. Poppy makes eyes at the camera every chance she gets

Never out of character, Poppy makes sure the camera knows how beautiful and captivating she is.

4. There's a weird shirtless man in a coffin

The poor actor looks completely confused and uncomfortable. It really makes you wonder if he was held against his will in the coffin.

5. Their father's ashes are very present

But honestly, when are their father's remains ever not present? In this case, he happens to be cradled in Georgie's arms as Poppy sings about herself.

6. The lyrics were definitely written by Poppy.

She checks her phone/ She's had 33 texts and 17 tweets.
He was a great man/ So this song is for him/ But the thing you should know/ Is that it's also for me.
Woah-oh, I'm so beautiful like a beautiful church.

7. Georgie is a great sidekick.

While Poppy is busy singing about herself, Georgie's lyrics only ever have to do with his father's death and how sad he is. But because he's a good sport, he lets his sister have her fun.

8. And, finally, the behind-the-scenes video is absolutely amazing.

It's pretty much just Poppy upset about how everything's not completely about her, but isn't that just the way we like it?

Images: BBC America