'Leanne and Eddie' Rehashes Her Twitter Battles

If you're like me, there's only one Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member that you watch with bated breath for the next "oh no she didn't" moment and that's Brandi Glanville (remember her feud with the Richards sisters?). While I'm not holding my breath for her to show up on Leann Rimes' and Eddie Cibrian's new VH1 reality show, LeAnn and Eddie, you can't really buckle in to watch the program without thinking about Glanville's sordid history with the songstress... especially since they're not shy about mentioning her.

In case you've managed to block out the memory, Glanville was once married to Cibrian (when we first meet her in RHOBH her friend Adrienne Maloof introduces her as someone going through a divorce). While the couple share two children together, they reached a rocky road before ultimately divorcing in 2009. The culprit, of course, was Cibrian's affair with Northern Lights co-star Leann Rimes. Rimes was also married at the time, so the affair is especially scandalous. Glanville sensed their attraction during their time shooting the Lifetime movie, when the two couples would double date and the future cheaters proceeded to get their flirt on right in front of their then-spouses. Glanville told People magazine that she tried to attend counseling with Cibrian to save their marriage, but he continued contact with Rimes.

You'd think the betrayal would be injury enough to keep the parties involved from ever addressing each other again. But the ladies weren't done yet, and definitely decided to add a little insult to the whole injury thing. The ladies became embittered in a public twitter feud which was just a little cringe-worthy to watch play out. The duo let us in on every sordid, intimate detail. I'll have to side with Glanville on some of these, given her husband had just left her for his co-star, who happened to be a world-famous singer and wanted to do bring her talents to Glanville's kids' school.

Glanville fully admits to becoming obsessed with Twitter during the breakup — and hey, who among us hasn't fallen down that rabbit hole post breakup? The two didn't just stick to Twitter, and moved to trading barbs through the tabloids. In one instance, Rimes said she was "overwhelmed" with the task of caring for Glanville's children while Cibrian was away, with the RHOBH star firing back that the whole situation was "frustrating." Glanville was also livid when she spotted Rimes at her son's soccer practice, quoted in Us Weekly saying she had a moment of "total irrational fury" at seeing Rimes so at home at her place with her family. Though on the surface you can't blame Glanville, Cibrian made it ugly when he leaked an email to Radar Online — or was that just "clearing the air"? In the email, he calls his ex-wife a drama creator consumed by "wine and narcissism." Rimes' rep also released a statement to Radar, stating Glanville was "grasping at straws" to create some controversy.

They weren't done yet, and the gals got Twitter happy yet again, trading even more barbs in between quotes released to magazines, like this one above where Rimes countered with some of Glanville's shots at her parenting. While we wanted to root for Glanville from the start, as time wore on, it seemed like she had difficulty letting go, in ways that might be detrimental to her boys' development. When Rimes referred to them as "her boys" before a 2012 trip to Nashville, Granville let her blood boil to the surface with the following tweet:

The public cringe-party wasn't over yet: as the years went by the offenses did too. Glanville slammed Rimes' singing. Leann tried to sweet talk one of her Twitter haters (since both women's fans were fiercely waging wars on their behalf) by calling her on the phone, but later sued the woman for invasion of privacy when she recorded the call. Then Glanville called Rimes insane. The list goes on and on as both women got down and dirty together. It seems they really can't quit each other, so it's no surprise that the stars of Leann and Eddie have already said they won't shy away from mentioning her. After all when not trading petty barbs, these people are supposed to be co-parents.

Perhaps the most commendable aspect of their marathon feud is both parties' commitment to being the "I swear I hate drama" person despite culling it from every corner of their lives. Is this the year someone takes the high road and stops airing out the dirty laundry or simply stops responding to the other? Probably not. Which is a shame, since Glanville's oldest son Mason is just a couple years shy of being a teenager at 11 years old now, which means he's at a ripe age to find and be affected by this public family feud (and you thought your parents' divorce was hard).

Hopefully these adults will stop acting like children and go the "if you can't say anything nice" route eventually. But who are we kidding here? That's not going to happen.