So Lady Gaga's Bangs Keep Getting Shorter

Lady Gaga has spent the summer of 2014 experimenting with dark hair. The shade is the only constant, though. The singer, who is actually a natural brunette, has done the big Diana Ross-inspired 'fro, rocked a disco princess bouffant a la Bianca Jagger, bangs, as well as an Old Hollywood x Joan Crawford vibe. The bangs, however, keep migrating upwards and are getting shorter and shorter. They are pretty much at baby bangs length at this point. It's not an easy length to pull off for a variety of reasons, but as with most of her looks, Gaga wears it well.

Paramore's punky-cute singer Hayley Williams also does baby bangs and rainbow colors, both of which work with her overall quirky and youthful, Converse x Vans x Tilly's presentation. It's trickier with Gaga, since her image is so outrageously glam and couture.

Baby bangs, aka super short bangs, are not as one-note as you'd think. In the same week, Gaga's babies looked different and they've appeared shorter and shorter over the past week, with more forehead real estate becoming visible. That could just be the purposefully shifting position of the wig, which she is likely wearing.

Because her eyebrows are thick and bushy, there is some balance and it's not all forehead, forehead, forehead, like you could watch X-Men: Days of Future Past on it!

But there are other factors you need to consider in order to be successful when trying an extreme look like this and those are confidence, any face shape but square, and dark locks.

Obviously, that whole confidence thing is an intangible and a big one at that. But it if you are comfortable with your looks and your hair, which you should be, because you're bangin', and you aren't afraid to do something daring and that will take a while to get used to and grow back, then by all means, have it! If your confidence reigns supreme, even if you are not a famous pop star with a glam squad, then do it up. Obvs, this is not a 'do to do when you're all sorts of broked up, breaking down, and have reached the bottom of a pint of Haagen-Dazs and are looking for something to do. #RecipeForRegret.

If you have an oval, oblong, or round face shape, then you can totally pull this off. If you have a square or even squarish jaw, extremely short, straight across, and blunt bangs might make your face look more squared off and may exaggerate sharper lines. And that's no bueno.

If you have light hair, especially blonde, the short bangs are not your best bet, since they might fade into your forehead and not provide any contrast, so it's best to attempt super baby bangs with darker hair since the look is about contrast in more ways than one. In this pic, Gaga's bangs are swept all over and asymmetrical here, but they are balanced by the brows, lashes, and peaches and cream skin.

Images: Lady Gaga /Instagram