No, Kim, She's Not Dating "50 Rappers"

Even by reality show standards, E!'s Keeping Up With the Kardashians has more than its fair share of colorful characters. Between your Kimyes and your Lord Disicks, not to mention the bubbling model lives of the Jenner half-sisters, it gets hard to actually keep up with the whole gang at once. This season, we might also get some romantic intrigue from youngest Kardashian sister Khloe, who has been dating rapper French Montana.

But we know this isn't her first foray into a public love. Kardashian was previously married to basketball star Lamar Odom of the Los Angeles Lakers, with whom she had her own spin-off reality show, Khloe and Lamar, not to mention a line of perfumes together. The couple married in 2009 after only knowing each other for a month. However, Odom's increasingly erratic behavior contributed to the couple's demise in 2013.

Since then, Kardashian seemed to be putting her life back together behind the scenes, though we didn't have much of a storyline to go on given Kim's high-profile wedding and pregnancy dominating much of the Kardashian airtime. So what's the deal with her new boo? While Kris Jenner had said as late as this May that Khloe and rapper Montana were "just friends," they engaged in some hard flirting, as seen in a video during the MTV Africa Music Awards.

The relationship might have been referenced on KUWTK, during a sibling tiff, no less. A seen in the above video, Kim remarks on the show that Khloe has to rush home from the family's Thailand vacation to "date 50 rappers." Since the trip actually took place months ago, Khloe likely hadn't even started dating Montana yet, so I'm not sure who exactly Kim was talking about. But now, Kim could accurately say that Khloe is dating one rapper, as the couple has finally confirmed their relationship, with reports stating Montana has even been engagement ring shopping.

But don't expect a decrease in Kim's sass. There are reports of the family's discontent with how fast Khloe's new relationship is moving. Radar Online reports that Montana has a history of being a bit of a Lothario and romantic con man, with a history of trash talking Khloe. The Radar piece also alleges he may not be the most faithful guy on the block, which is concerning to say the least.

The Kardashian girls, (save for Kourtney who really locked it in for the long run), haven't had the best luck with quickie love. Chris Humphries, Lamar Odom, and now Montana are all relationships that moved quickly, and while the jury's still out on Montana, the other two didn't exactly end well. Maybe Khloe should step back for a minute and take some of her family's snark to heart, especially Kim, who really doesn't get enough credit for being savvy.

"Savvy" might not be the first word you think of when you think Kardashian, but Kim has navigated a whole career this long, and been duped by fake love before. While people want to rag on Kim for being a media opportunist, I think she's just very good at creating a business around her brand. Plus. if there wasn't an audience for her, then there would be nothing to build on, so maybe the thing we really hate is how much we can't get enough.

So far, the family hateration hasn't stopped Khloe from continuing to Instagram and tweet all about her new love. Montana has followed suit with a tweet directed to the haters, which may or may not be the extended Kardashian clan. I'm sure stubborn Khloe will milk her family's distrust for a little bit out of spite (likely while telling Kim to "go take a selfie" which is some classic Khloe sass). Hopefully she will eventually soften though and take a minute to think before saying yes to engagement No. 2.

Image: KhloeKardashian/Instagram