These Apps Will Make You More Stylish

by Tyler Atwood

Admit it: you're always on your iPhone. Between texting all of your closest companions, checking your email, and fiddling with Angry Birds on the commute to work, it's an addictive little device.

However, you spend enough time on your phone, so it may as well be utilitarian in more ways than one. If you find yourself constantly browsing online, scouring the internet for front row snaps from Fashion Week, and debating what top you should pair with your new skinny jeans, it may be time to check out some of the best fashion apps on the market. When searching for that perfect app to fulfill all of your fashion needs, bear in mind that while there is a lid for every pot, every piece of modern technology has the potential for glitches. You may find that you adore the idea behind an app targeted at categorizing every item in your closet, but you don't have the patience to actually take pictures of everything. Conversely, an app may work in an incredibly streamlined fashion, but you just don't use it as much as you'd like. In pursuit of the best fashion apps available this summer, I downloaded a handful of the most highly rated apps and experimented. My findings on best user interface, most useful on a daily basis, and other rating factors are below.


The Keep app and website appear to be the beautiful byproduct of a union between Pinterest and Shopbop. After downloading the app, users can browse pictures, trends, websites, and blogs to cull together a wish list of gorgeous wares. The app is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Plus, it gives me an excuse to stare at glamorous designer clothing and accessories and plot my future wardrobe.


Most fashion-related endeavors Kate Bosworth is involved are worth a second look, so I was excited to examine her newest brainchild. This handy app allows you to "steal" ensembles you see on others by snapping a picture of the piece you're coveting, or use the app's convenient search bar to search for a specific product or style. Now we finally know how Bosworth comes up with her enviable ensembles.


As a consumer who finds that my typical clothing size in one label will absolutely not predict what size I might be in another, it is quite helpful to have an app which explains exactly what sizes will fit. After entering in some key data about height, weight, and body type, I received suggestions on items which might fit me from Hanes, Gap, and other mass retailers. However, my gender-ambiguous name seemed to cause some confusion, as I received suggestions for both male and female clothing. While I'm not opposed to injecting chic menswear elements into my wardrobe, adding in male sizing just seems too confusing for my taste.


Having used Shop It To Me for a number of years now, I can attest that this may be one of the more useful apps on the market for the thrifty but fashion-obsessed consumer. Simply plug in your favorite brands to the app or corresponding site, and you'll be notified when coveted designer items go on sale.


If you're the sort of fashionista who became a little too obsessed with Groupon and Gilt in their heyday, DealNews may be just the app for you. Its function is belied by the app's name, giving the user a rundown of the day's best markdowns and sales. The app's greatest fault, however, is its mishmash of dissimilar deals; on any given day, you might find a coupon for half-off pizza, a discounted polo shirt, and a suction device for your phone. Perhaps this situation harkens back to that expression about beggars and choosers...


I may or may pull up the app every time I'm waiting in a line, or have a delayed commute…or simply don't feel the urge to crack open my novel du jour. Between the glossy photos of Hollywood's most glamorous celebrities hobnobbing at fashion shows, the Style File Blog, and video coverage of the season's runways, the app is impressively addictive.


A lesson in multifunctional technology, Pose allows users to buy, sell, and get some style inspiration on the go. As an added bonus, many of the pieces on sale are affordable, so be prepared to indulge your frugal fashionista side.


This handy little fashion insider app may be my favorite, if only because it makes me feel extraordinarily well-connected in the world of fashion. Once you sign up, you're directly linked to a network of sales associates at luxury retailers and brands who can help you with any inventory or style question under the sun. Perhaps that highly discounted Chanel bag is within reach after all.


Closet+ is the organized fashionista's dream. Essentially, the app allows each user to take snaps of every item in their closet, and then categorize, create outfits, set up packing lists, and generally manage their items in a streamlined fashion. And for those with New York-sized (read: baby-sized) closets where every inch is crammed with some garment or another, this app is a godsend.