This 'Wicked' Medley Is Amazing

No matter if you love Broadway musicals or hate them, this amazing Wicked medley sung by two super talented dudes will definitely, at the very least, turn you into a Wicked fan. If you're already a Wicked fan who shelved your love for the musical, since it's 10 years old, and chose to instead put all of your adoration for Idina Menzel elsewhere (ahem, Frozen), I get it. If you were exhausted by Wicked mania about a decade ago, I also get it. But! Get ready to reignite your love for "Popular" and "Defying Gravity" once again. Seriously, these guys have it goin' on and will make you look at the musical in a whole new light. And, oh... did I mention that it's entirely a cappella?

Peter Hollens and Nick Pitera (the guy behind the amazing "A Whole New World" video), sing a medley of songs from the musical with their pipes that, ahem, defy gravity. The most amazing part? They hit the high notes. The two sound pretty darn impeccable, and it's really impressive, to boot. Not to mention, it's sweet to see these guys tackle a whole variety of roles and to take on music specifically written for ladies. Screw gender norms! Talent is what rules here. Now excuse me while I go belt out some notes in my shower. I feel very inspired right now.

Check it out below. Enjoy!

Image: Peter Hollens/Youtube