These Guys Tried Makeup For The First Time

For me, makeup is pretty much second nature. I definitely leave the house without makeup on some days, but I do ultimately feel more confident with my eyebrows filled in, lipstick perfected, and a little bit of bronzer. I will give credit to society for having a recent obsession with makeup-free photos. No, makeup isn't the enemy, but it's important to love yourself without the luxury as well.

The truth of the matter is, however, that most of the burden of wearing makeup is thrust upon women. Yes, there are some men that wear makeup, (YouTuber gossmakeupartist is better at makeup than I'll probably ever be) but it's not expected of them and most don't partake in it. BuzzFeed challenged that ideology by having men who had never worn makeup submit half of their faces to a professional makeup artist's whim.

"Makeup is gendered," says one of the men who tried wearing women's makeup for the first time during the video, "I think beauty is gendered too." And he's right. Beauty standards are largely held up only to women, and men are embraced for being more natural. Another man sounded appreciative that he never has to budget in the expense of beauty products. Honestly, some of the dudes look seriously stunning with a little eye shadow and lip gloss. The best part, however, is definitely the chance to see what a guy looks like with only half a beard.

Of course, beyond giving us a chance to giggle at some horrible wigs, the video also makes a powerful social commentary about beauty and the ideals we hold certain members of society up to. Check out the video, and let me know what you think.