'Bachelor in Paradise' AshLee Frazier Had A Tough 'Bachelor' Run: Does She Scare Love Away?

Bachelor-verse fans, let me tell you something about Bachelor in Paradise contestant AshLee Frazier: she terrified me on Sean's season of The Bachelor, and it's hard to take anyone seriously who willingly capitalizes a letter in the middle of her first name, but I respect her; a rare emotion for someone in the Bachelor in Paradise cast. Sure, AshLee was throwing out "I love you" on, like, her third date with Sean, and sure, she always looked like she was ready to cut a girl, but she also did about the only respectable thing you can do when you're broken up with a guy who led you to believe he was in love with you while dating anywhere from 24 to two other women at the same time on national television: She didn't take any of his crap.

When Sean cut AshLee loose after Fantasy Suites, she was not expecting it, and she was not trying to hear his reasoning. What could have possibly made her feel better? She waited until the off-screen producer told her she was allowed to leave her mark, physically restrained herself from clothesline-ing Sean on the way out, and when he followed after her pleading, "Can I just explain myself, please?" she replied, "Whatever," before getting the hell out of there. Oh, it was glorious. Not just because the Bachelors/Bachelorettes don't deserve to get to hide behind a system that they're willingly taking part in, but because AshLee did what most of us like to think we would do, when, in reality, I for one would probably try to make him feel better about breaking up with me, and then beat myself up about it in the limo for not beating him up more about it.

But also, AshLee was also totally all in on the system right until it bit her in the ass she, and described the kind of engagement ring she wanted to him while he was still dating two other women. I mean, she was still on The Bachelor, after all. AshLee read pretty "death glare" on her season, and not exactly like someone the other women would have wanted to pal around with. But these shows aren't for palling! They're for going on a date with someone once a week for seven weeks, and then getting engaged. Shall we hope for such a romantic fate for AshLee on Bachelor in Paradise? Let's take a look at her life inside and outside of the franchise just to be sure...

Social Media Ranking: Enviable

Actual Twitter Description: Christian | Blogger | Fashionista w a passion for love & life | I dream in color!"

Truthful Twitter Description: OCD and owning it | Perpetual beautiful bridesmaid

AshLee has the kind of Instagram that makes you briefly considering putting down your Cheez-its, waking up a little earlier in the mornings to run, getting your desk organized, maybe starting a blog, and really getting after all those DIY projects you keep Pinning. (Briefly.) Most of those come from her really lovely blog about being a professional organizer, because if you made me guess what profession AshLee was, and I had three guesses, I would guess professional organizer all three times.

Bachelor-verse Ranking: Doing Bead Crafts By Herself in the Art Room

AshLee's Instagram, at least within recent scrolling-history, is almost completely devoid of any fellow former Bachelor(ette) contestants and that's almost unheard of in this world. It's actually pretty surprising that AshLee agreed to be on Bachelor in Paradise at all, considering I doubt she would put The Bachelor in the "pro" column of the Excel spread sheet that she definitely keeps for her life events.

Real Life Ranking: Solid

AshLee seems to have a very full life outside of ABC reality programming. Does she want to fall in love in a kind of one-too-many-Disney-movies way? Sure. But she doesn't let that get in the way of also being a successful person, who doesn't deny her time on The Bachelor, but also doesn't exploit it.

What to Expect

AshLee had some major trust and abandonment issues last go-round, so a process where other people are constantly being offered to the person you're trying to date is probably not for the best. Best bet: AshLee will latch onto someone early and worry about if they're as into it as she is for the rest of the time. Ah yes, paradise.

Images: ABC; ashleefrazier/Instagram (4)