Lena Headey Is The Queen Of The Blooper Reel

If you ever catch yourself saying “I wish this show was sillier. Could use more jokes. I want to laugh, dammit” while watching Game of Thrones, 1) ehhhh GoT might not be the television program for you (but hey, no shame in that. To each their own), and 2) this very silly GoT Season 4 blooper reel might be the video for you. Wait. Please allow me to revise the latter statement: This very silly GoT Season 4 blooper reel is definitely for you because it's for everyone. EVERYONE. Blooper reels are the best. At the network’s Comic-Con panel on Friday, HBO shared a fun two-minute montage of GoT stars tripping up over their words, breaking character, narrowly dodging falling torches, failing to mount horses, making fart noises with their mouths, and dancing like goobers. BLOOPER REELS ARE THE BEST.

What is the best part of this particular blooper real? The highlight? The pièce de résistance? Lena Headey moseying toward the camera only to hit us with a fantastic thizz face. I can't stop watching that part of the blooper reel. I curse my lack of GIF-making knowledge, for I would make a GIF out of that so fast. Sigh. I guess screenshots will have to suffice.

She begins with this:

And then pulls another outstanding face:

She keeps going:


If this video's goal was to make me adore Headey even more than I already did (a feat I thought not possible), it succeeded.

Images: GameofThrones/YouTube [5]