'Tonight Show' Skit With Jon Hamm Has Jimmy Fallon Breaking Character Just Like His 'SNL' Days — VIDEO

In another hilarious Tonight Show sketch, Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm spat food at one another Friday night. It actually isn't as disgusting as it sounds; it was mostly just funny, with Hamm and Fallon pretending to be park rangers on an '80s show called Palisades Park Pet Patrol. As you can maybe guess from the show's title, the pair like to say a lot of words that start with the letter "P" — and they also like to eat. The end result is they're saying it and spraying it.

But trying to keep a straight face while spitting everything from pretzels to PBR beer on Jon Hamm's face is no easy task and throughout the sketch Jimmy Fallon kept breaking character. He even had to put his head down at one point so you could only see his hat. It's a classic Saturday Night Live break technique: If they can't see your face, they can't see that you're laughing. Fallon was a pretty consistent breaker on SNL . But since the audience always loves when things don't go as planned, the viewers loved Fallon for his unexpected and often uncontrollable laughter. Check out this vintage SNL skit (Lindsay Lohan guest stars) and watch Fallon fail at keeping a straight face. He's basically on the verge of tears towards the end:

And in this video of SNL actors breaking, Fallon's out-of-character laughter lands him in the supercut five times.


But Fallon breaking is always so entertaining, so it's probably why he never really learned to stop breaking character. It actually makes him a good show host because when he laughs at a celebrity's story it feels genuine, like he can't help but laugh.

Check out The Tonight Show skit for yourself, and for an added challenge try not to laugh when Jimmy Fallon does—it's pretty impossible.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on YouTube
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on YouTube

Image: NBC