Rihanna Confronted By Stalker in NYC & This Story Sounds Super Terrifying

Celebrity stalkers seem to be in full force these days. Considering actress Sandra Bullock actually came across a stalker in her own home recently, and a homeless man threatened to kill Good Morning America host Michael Strahan, fame doesn’t seem like much fun this year. And this just comes from a long list of celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez who also dealt with their own run-in with stalkers. Now, a homeless man has been arrested for stalking singer Rihanna at her NYC home, and what he did was super terrifying.

Bullock still takes the cake for scariest stalker experience of 2014, but RiRi's story is still just as awful: Apparently, the singer had threatening letters sent to her home in SoHo by a man who had been stalking her.

Video surveillance caught her stalker, 53-year-old Kevin Mcglynn, bringing the letters to an employee of the star all within the month of July, according to New York Daily News. The homeless man, who allegedly called Rihanna a "bitch" in his letters, threatened to break into her apartment, and claimed that the singer (amongst other famous names) stole his material.

Thankfully though, police officers arrested Mcglynn on Thursday, and he is currently being held without bail, which I’m sure Rihanna is extremely thankful for. Here's hoping this is the last celebrity stalker story we hear for a while!