Nicki Minaj Plays a Monster on The Cartoon Network

In 2010, Nicki Minaj teamed up with Kanye West and Jay Z to boldly declare herself "a motherf*ckin' monster," and soon she'll be playing one on TV. As reported by Billboard, Minaj channeled her animated persona into an episode of the Cartoon Network's Steven Universe , in which she played a character named Sugilite, a powerful creature who results from the merging of two gems Garnet and Amethyst, who share the unenviable task of warding off any evil threats against mankind.

This couldn't be a more perfect role for Minaj with even better timing, especially after the backlash she received over her Anaconda cover, because that's the first time we've ever seen her posing in a thong, right? Anyway, in the clip TV Guide released of the episode that's set to air Aug. 21, Minaj's character springs to life after Garnet and Amethyst engage in a pre-fusion dance-off. Once the two gems merge, Minaj magic is born! Needless to say, Minaj is natural in this role among cartoon characters that can clearly outdance me.

Personally, I'm waiting for the "Pills N' Potion" rapper to take on a role that requires her to use her British accent. Sure, Minaj showed her acting chops alongside Cameron Diaz in The Other Woman , but I could totally see her making major moves on the cartoon scene. How about a British superhero whose powers lie in the Minajesty Exotic perfume she wears? OK, so that sounds ridiculous and corny, but you get my drift.

As for the Barbz, if Minaj's new look leaves any of her dedicated legion of fans longing for the Nicki of Christmas past, this cartoon role will remind them that although Minaj has opted to trade in colorful wigs and eyeball-searing garments for lengthy, toned down locks and more conventional outfits, inside her still exist all of her crazy alter egos, for which the Steven Universe character is a perfect outlet.