This Actor Has A Nasty Twitter Impostor

Sometimes people on this planet take crazy to a completely different level, and that’s exactly the case with the individual who is terrorizing Major Crimes star Graham Patrick Martin on Twitter. The young actor who has also been seen in several episodes of Two and a Half Men, The Bill Engvall Show, and the film, The Girl Next Door, has allegedly gone to the LAPD for help, TMZ reports.

Apparently someone has taken to Twitter using Martin’s name and tweeting as if (s)he is the actor, writing completely obscene things like “How unlucky I wasn’t on board Flight 370,” and “I sure have the likability of a Hitler youth,” according to TMZ. I mean it’s bad enough that you go after an actor, but to bring in tragedies like Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? That’s just sick.

The impostor has also reportedly gone after Martin’s girlfriend. The anonymous person has been tweeting approximately 100 times a day and has even created a new account once Twitter deleted the initial one.

I’m not sure who this person is, but I hope that for Martin’s safety, the LAPD can help track them down. To be honest, it could just be a bunch of naïve teenagers working behind this, but this is most definitely one prank that has gone too far. Then again, Martin himself has not spoken about the news, so this could just be another rumor. But all the same, I wish him the best.