13 Feminist Decor Ideas You Need In Your Home (And Life) Right Now

As Zooey Deschanel once said in New Girl, "I hope you like feminist rants, because it's kind of my thing.” Oh hey, me too! I’m a proud feminist, and I don’t mind showing it off. In fact, I love showing it off. Which is why, if I could decorate my whole entire apartment with things that scream “equal rights for women,” I would, because not only would that be awesome, it would be a great conversation starter anytime anyone came over, no rants necessary.

As it turns out, a little online searching revealed there’s a whole market dedicated to feminist-inspired decor. From clever art prints to pillows to pieces of jewelry that literally spell out “feminist,” here are my 13 top picks.

by Corinne Caputo

Feminist Banner Necklace

I can’t think of a better word I’d like to wear around my neck.

Banner Necklace, $17, Etsy

Girl Power Button

The phrase “girl power” has taken a back seat in the past decade, but I am totally on board with bringing it (and the Spice Girls) back.

Girl Power Button, $4, Etsy

Feminism Is Cool Sticker

Trust me, you will look super cool with this sticker.

Feminism Is Cool Sticker, $2, Etsy

Lisa Simpson: The Feminist

Ah, Lisa Simpson. She’s the coolest animated feminist there is (except for maybe Gene Belcher on Bob’s Burgers).

Lisa Pillow Cover, $24, Society 6

i Heart Feminism T-shirt

What’s not to “heart” about feminism?

Feminism T-shirt, $24, Etsy

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Birthday Card

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, you have stolen my heart. Seriously, she is the coolest right?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Card, $4, Etsy

Feminist Brooch

This simple brooch says it all.

Feminist Brooch, $7, Etsy

Feminist Is Not a Dirty Word

Anti-feminists, please explain to me how believing in equality for all genders, races, orientations, and any other possibly discriminating factor, is a bad thing?

Feminist Is Not a Dirty Word, $32, Society 6

Conversation Heart Buttons

These conversation heart buttons come with a powerful message.

Conversation Heart Buttons, $2, Etsy

Girls Just Want to Have Fun-damental Human Rights Tote

Someone please make this tote into a music video.

Girls Tote, $22, Society 6

Feminism Is a Radical Notion

This might be my favorite sentence about feminism.

Radical Notion Print, $18, Etsy

A Woman's Place Is in the House and the Senate

…and wherever else she wants to be, for that matter.

A Woman’s Place Print, $11+, Etsy

Soldiers in Petticoats

I like to think we are the most well-dressed soldiers there have ever been.

Soldiers in Petticoats print, $15, Etsy