Colbie Caillat Will Perform at the Young Hollywood Awards, So Let's Catch Up with Her

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To be honest, the last time I thought about Colbie Caillat was when her hit song "Bubbly" played on the radio every freakin' minute of every freakin' day in 2007. I think what happened was that I incurred an overload of "Bubbly" that made me take one big step away from the singer and any news that was related to her. (Kind of like when you eat so much of one thing that you feel sick to your stomach and you can't eat it for months.) So, basically, it wasn't her fault that I lost interest; it was the radio's fault for thinking it would be okay to play one song on repeat for eternity.

But thanks to the Young Hollywood Awards, Caillat will officially re-entering our lives by performing during the show. The thing is, what has she even been doing since her hit song came out? Let's explore the singer's life post-"Bubbly."

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