She's Back!

Bachelor fan favorite, Sarah Herron is back on Bachelor in Paradise and we really want her to find an awesome guy because she’s one of the best contestants that’s ever been on the show. Herron was on the Sean Lowe season of The Bachelor and was sent home on a group date before the Rose Ceremony in Canada. It’s always embarrassing when a contestant doesn’t even make it to the ceremony, so I am glad she gets to try to find someone better than him. Personally, I was never a Sean fan. I not-so-secretly hope that Sarah and Marquel Martin will hook up in paradise.

If you saw Season 17, then it’s not news to you that Sarah was born with one arm. If you didn’t watch that season, well, maybe this is news to you. During her season of the show, she spoke with People about her disability, “I was not concerned about what the public would say. I've grown up with that and have pretty thick skin. But I've been reading comments online. It has been incredibly positive and uplifting.” She has a great attitude about it and I think it makes her better than the other contestants. Jimmy Kimmel said it best when he said, “I don’t know to me it looks like one and a half arms.” There is much more to Sarah than her disability and she’s pretty awesome.

She’s an art director

Although she’s originally from Colorado, she currently resides in Los Angeles where she works as an art director for 72andSunny, an Ad Agency with clients ranging from fast food chains like Carls Jr. and Starbucks to bigger clients like Google and ESPN.

She had a “Bachelor” blog

Before Juan Pablo’s season really began, Sarah started her Bach-Chat blog, which started out real strong with the contestant’s princess doppelgängers, followed by her thoughts on all the girls. It didn’t last very long. In fact, she wrote about the arrivals from the first episode, but failed to continue the blog. I so wish she would have kept it going because I bet Sarah had much to say about JPG. Sarah, please, bring back Bach-Chat.

She’s obsessed with her dog

She might give Lacy Faddoul a run for her money when it comes to a cutest dog competition. Sarah has a french bulldog named Leo who you might remember seeing on The Bachelor when he came to visit her on the show. “Leo's not just a pet, he's my son! He even comes to work with me everyday.” He even has his own Instagram page and many more followers than I have.

Sarah loves Soul Cycle more than you love Soul Cycle

Herron tweets about Soul Cycle and at Soul Cycle more than you tweet to your favorite celebrity. We all have our guilty pleasures, and we’ve found Sarah’s. At least at Sarah fans know where they can find her for a celeb sighting, probably on a Saturday morning Santa Monica Soul Cycle class. Don’t forget your pressed juice. #LAproblems.

She skis

Also proving that she doesn’t let her disability hold her back from anything. I may have a girl crush on on this woman.

And She's a Denver Broncos Fan

Because everyone likes Peyton Manning. Also, if you’re from Colorado, you like the Broncos. Period.

Images: ABC (2); Instagram/sarahherron (4)