Please Pick Josh, Andi

A lot of you Bachelorette fans out there have been denying the inevitable, and up until today that's been okay. But on July 28, Andi Dorfman will reveal to the world that Josh Murray is the one true winner of The Bachelorette , and Nick Viall will be sent home packing. At least, she will if things go my way. Now, this may sound presumptuous of me, but it's been pretty obvious from the season premiere on that Josh was going to take home Andi's heart, but it took The Bachelorette editors seven or eight weeks to actually come to terms with the reality of the situation.

Andi and Josh's compatibility could never be called subtle, and ABC wasn't aware they made a mistake when they cast Josh for this season. It was almost too easy for him. There's really only two possible outcomes for The Bachelorette's Season Finale. Josh will win, or Josh won't win and everyone will spend the next couple of months wondering how it's possible that Andi didn't choose Josh.

I'd like to swoop right in, save us fans all of that mental turmoil, and just state the facts. We all waited politely for Cody to be sent home — which took way too long, in my opinion. None of us started rioting through the streets when Marquel wasn't given a rose (although, maybe we should've). We even let JJ, who was undeniably one of the most adorable contestants ever, leave without too much trouble. Now all we are asking for is a little swift justice when it comes to the execution of The Bachelorette results.

I don't want to beg, but, Josh has got to win The Bachelorette, right? I can't be the only one who thinks that. I could wax poetic about how perfect Josh and Andi are for each other seemingly forever. But here's the proof in a nutshell:


The two are always smiling. I mean always!


I'm not even fully sure what's going on here, but they look like they're having a blast.


Come on! That's just plain adorable.


There's no denying this late in the game that these two are in love with each other. I think Nick had a good run — there's no denying that — but it's time for him to leave. Do I still have my reservations about Josh? Of course. He was really nervous, too nervous, about taking that lie detector test. He is insanely competitive, so I would hate to see what losing would do to him. But, to be honest, I don't see how he could.

Andi, you've got a tough decision on your hands. I know you've got feelings for both of these guys. They're two incredibly good-looking, sweet, and great people, but I'm begging you: Choose Josh! There is no person on this planet (alright, maybe that's dramatic) that I can think of who is a better match for you than Josh (even if I only know you through my television). He's smart. He's funny. He's a sweet person. He's madly in love with you. What else do you need to know?

Images: ABC (5)