Justin Bieber Takes Fan as Date to Awards Show In Another Possible Attempt to Rehabilitate His Image

Can someone please tell me what Justin Bieber is doing? When he first became famous, you either loved him or hated him based on his music alone. He seemed like a sweet kid. Then, all of a sudden, he did a complete 180 and morphed into the juvenile delinquent that we all know and love to loathe. Now, it seems like Justin Bieber is going for a strange combination of the two that is giving us all mood whiplash when it comes to public opinion of him. One week, Bieber is cutting lines at Disneyland in a wheelchair. Another week, Bieber is rescuing Floyd Mayweather's kids after a car accident. Now, he's adding another point to his saint column because Bieber took a fan as his date to the Young Hollywood Awards and the whole thing was unusually sweet coming from the man who made a child cry at a golf course.

Grace Kesablak, the fan who achieved this dream thanks to the Make a Wish Foundation, was presenting an award to Bieber for Champ of Charity. Bieber was so affectionate and attentive to her that there had to have been thousands of Beliebers waiting in the wings, burning with envy and hugging themselves in lieu of hugs from their idol. In fact, Bieber was in such a good mood on Sunday that he hugged Kesablak before she even actually handed him the award.

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Of course, people aren't three dimensional cartoon villains so it's not like we can expect Justin Bieber to misbehave all the time. It's just confusing that he can't seem to decide whether he's a bad boy or a saint in the making from week to week let alone day to day. Bieber grew up in the spotlight, which might make his constant changes in mood and personality a lot easier to understand. After all, teenagers are notoriously moody without having their teenage years take place under flashing lights and poison pens.

As it stands, Bieber has more negatives attached to his reputation than he does positives, but it's worth it to do a comparison of his recent behavior and see where he's falling on the scale based on the last two months alone.

Saint: Taking a fan as his date to the Young Hollywood Awards.

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From all reports, Justin Bieber was a perfect gentleman and a complete crowd pleaser at the ceremony.

Sinner: Riding a wheelchair to the front of the Disneyland line.

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Apparently, Bieber was resting his legs due to a knee injury he'd gotten while playing basketball. Apparently.

Saint: Giving random teenagers a lift to the mall.

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While I'm sure there were plenty of bodyguards in the Escalade when Bieber swung up alongside some teenage girls and gave them a lift to the mall, that was still a pretty gutsy move. They could have been the insane kind of Beliebers.

Sinner: Annoying the hell out of his neighbors at his condo.

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Bieber's constant partying and rumored drug use is getting so bad that the cops have been called to the condo about six times and have resorted to teaching his neighbors about the wonders of making a citizen's arrest.

Saint: Going on normal dates with Selena Gomez.

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I'm right there with all the people who were horrified to find out that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were back together, but taking her on sweet dates like the zoo and the movies was really nice of the Biebs.

Sinner: Posting selfies with his model girlfriend not even a few weeks later.

Of course, whether they were truly back together or not doesn't matter now that Bieber decided to let us know that phase of his life was over again with some intimate model selfies. Stay classy, Bieber.

Saint: Performing at Scooter Braun's wedding.

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Scooter Braun and Justin Bieber have been tight for years, so it comes as no surprise that Bieber was happy to perform at Braun's wedding.

Sinner: Collaborating with Chris Brown.

No matter how you look at it, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown joining forces means nothing good for the rest of the world. Hopefully, it's only for one song. Either way, the flip-flopping that Bieber has done in the past two months is getting old. He needs to pick a path and commit to it if he really wants us to make any decisions about his image.

Image: justinbieber/Instagram