Justin Bieber's a Good Samaritan, Seriously

Well, this is awkward. Considering how much of our time we all spend complaining about what a nuisance Justin Bieber is, it kind of brings us up short when we hear news of him doing something good with his time. After all, Justin Bieber was slapped with a hit-and-run lawsuit and Bieber has been annoying his neighbors at his Beverly Hills condo with his loud late night parties and obnoxious live-in posse. He's one of the Most Hated Men in America and seems to spend his life bouncing in and out of court and in and out of controversy. Clearly, there are no redeeming qualities left in him, right? Wrong. Allegedly, Justin Bieber rescued two children from a car crash on Sunday and we might have to like him a little now.

According to TMZ, Floyd Mayweather was on the red carpet for the BET Awards when he received word that two of his children had been in a crash. He told Bieber over the phone about the situation and, since Bieber was literally in the neighborhood, he rushed to the scene. While he waited for the cops to clear him to take the kids to Mayweather, Bieber comforted them by playing his new music before driving them to their father and returning to confirm to the police that they were safely with him.

Reportedly, the children were unharmed by the multi-vehicle collision, aside from shaky nerves and a busted lip. Being reunited with their father instead of having to wait for one of their emergency contacts to come and pick them up was the best thing that could have happened to them in such a situation, so it was really a good thing that Bieber was there and so willing to spring into action.

Honestly, it's not as though I thought Justin Bieber was incapable of something like this. I mean, he's a 5'9" Canadian singer; he's not the Antichrist. His crimes usually have something to do with property damage or general obnoxious behavior than with crimes against children. Aside from that time Bieber trashed a Wal-Mart and allegedly shined a light repeatedly in a small child's eyes. And that time Bieber attempted to steal a woman's cellphone and made her daughter cry — although that was thrown out due to lack of sufficient evidence to prove it ever happened.

The point is, in general, Bieber isn't the kind of heartless person who can just ignore children in need when he's in a position to do something about it. And that's a great thing. It's proof that, no matter what he does or how bad his behavior gets, Bieber still has some standards. We might not understand what those standards are until we hear stories like this one and find ourselves going, "Oh, wait, really?" But he has standards of behavior he's adhering to, which is good to know.

Four for you, Bieb Coco. You go Bieb Coco. We may have doubted you — and we will continue to doubt you — but we're not so callous as to be unable to admit when you've done something right. Keeping doing the right thing and maybe you'll finally rehabilitate your image.

Image: Tumblr (1; 2)