BuzzFeed's “6 Sex Hacks for Better Sex” Video Could Majorly Improve Your Sex Life


We’re hacking everything else these days, so why not sex, too? BuzzFeed, well known for their delightful and slightly off-the-wall videos, has put together a video it's calling “6 Hacks for Better Sex” — which, as you might have guessed, is chock full of tips on how to boost your activity in the sack from “eh” to out of this world. The fact that it’s all illustrated with vintage stock footage is just the icing on the cake, because nothing is funnier than vintage stock footage.

You may already be familiar with some of the tips, but others may be news to you. Even better, though, is the fact that it goes into some of the “whys” and “hows” of certain techniques. For example, I learned in the first bullet point — “ditch the high heels”— that women arch their pelvises in a rather distinct fashion when they orgasm. Some heels (I’m not sure which ones, but my guess would be the stupidly high ones) apparently “cause your pelvis to arch unnaturally,” which in turn cuts way down on the intensity of your orgasm. Also, the phenomenon known as whiskey dick (bullet point three) happens because booze dehydrates you. The dehydration is what causes the erectile dysfunction, so drink up — but do yourself a favor and stick to water. Who knew?

If you need a little help with bullet point six — “mix it up” — allow us to point you in the direction of this piece from Women’s Health: Variations on a theme when it comes to position will go a long way toward spicing things up. Now how’s about getting out there and having a really fantastic one-night stand? You deserve it. Because great sex is awesome.

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