Will 'Teen Wolf's Derek Die from Losing His Powers? He Might Not Make It to Season 5

Guys I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Derek's future isn't looking so bright right now. At the Teen Wolf Comic-Con panel on Thursday, the cast and creators of the hit MTV show revealed that while the show is renewed for a 20-episode Season 5 (Woohoo!), Teen Wolf 's Season 4 midseason trailer doesn't seem to be very positive for Derek. In fact, he may have lost his powers completely which means not only will Derek have to adjust to being just plain human, the trailer suggests he could end up dying by season's end.

In the past, Derek has been in danger many, many times, from getting taken prisoner by psycho ex-girlfriend and killer Kate Argent to getting taken prisoner by the Mexican werewolf hunters. But this time things are different. This time everything seems to be out of his control. Somehow after getting turned back into his high school self and then back into his regular age, the former alpha is now losing his powers. Now I've theorized about why Derek could be losing his powers before, but I didn't even want to think about what happens next — what happens when Derek is no longer a werewolf.

At the Teen Wolf Comic-Con panel, Tyler Hoechlin, who plays Derek to gorgeous perfection, brought up that exact question. What does Derek do as a human? "He’s going to have to figure out who he is when he’s not a werewolf," and he has to find his potentially new identity as a human. But what if that identity won't last long? Teen Wolf already showed in Season 3 that they're not afraid to kill off major characters (R.I.P. Allison). Here are some of the ways Derek is likely to die by the end of Season 4.

Kate Finally Kills Him

Since Season 1, Kate Argent has been looking for a reason to torture and kill Derek. Perhaps it's because she's just a psycho or maybe it's because she's got some weird fetish for torturing men she likes. Either way, Derek's death could absolutely happen via Kate's hands. And then perhaps someone will destroy Kate herself, she's especially in danger right now with her name on the dead pool and with the Mexican hunters looking for her.

The Dead Pool List

Derek's name is on the list and he has been targeted before. He was supposed to be the Mute's next target after he hurled a tomahawk at uncle Peter Hale's chest. Even though the Mute is dead, there are still two hunters in Beacon Hills that we've already met and several more on the horizon. People are after millions of dollars and they'll do just about anything to get their hands on it. Plus, it looks like Derek wants to take on the hunters in his own version of a dead pool. Without his powers to stop the assassins, or Kate for that matter, Derek would be much easier to kill.

His Loss Of Powers Kills Him

If the aging backwards trick caused Derek to lose his powers, what's to say it won't straight up drain him of his life force? Perhaps the entire process proves to be too much for Derek and he dies without finding the cause or the cure of this supernatural Benjamin Button spell. Though if this is the way he dies, that would be so lame. If anyone should go out fighting, it's Derek. And hey, at least if he does die, it seems he'll get a little action with our favorite bounty hunter Braeden first.

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