The Best Fashion Moments in Tarantino's Films

When we think of Quentin Tarantino, we usually think first of bloody action sequences...or maybe his infamous foot fetish, of course. There were the splattery gunshots in Django Unchained (seriously, those sound effects were something else), the multiple-explosion finale in Inglourious Basterds (not to mention all that scalping and swastika-carving), the annihilation of 88+ in a single scene of Kill Bill, Part 1 (all done with a katana, no less)and the list goes on (and on).

Then, when we sit down to reminisce about the fashion of his films, it's probably those black suits paired with white shirts and skinny black ties (a la Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction) that pop to mind first. That said, the women's fashion in his oeuvre of films is surprisingly fabulous. We've got the understated glam of Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, the overstated glam of Diane Kruger in Inglourious Basterds and everything in between. And with actresses like the two of them, plus Lucy Liu, Daryl Hannah, Melanie Laurent and Pam Grier lighting up the screen, would we expect any less? I think not.

So without any further ado, let's take a quick peek at his 10 most iconic style moments:

10. Jackie Brown's Red Dress

Served with a side of fabulousness.

9. Mia Wallace's Oversized Button-down

Sometimes, there's no beating the simple, pared-down look. Also, PSA: if you're a fan of Mia Wallace's style, you may want to check out the recently-launched Urban Decay x Pulp Fiction line.

8. Bridget von Hammersmark's Suit

I don't think anyone else has ever worn a fedora with a feather in it quite that well.

7. O-Ren Ishii's White Kimono


More proof that simple is best.

6. Elle Driver's Nurse Uniform

Does it get any cooler than an eye patch with a red cross on it?

5. Bridget von Hammersmark's Premiere Gown

The Weinstein Company

Fur, elbow-length gloves, sequins, and jewels, all topped off with a fresh orchid in her hair and a pistol in her white-begloved hand.

4. The Bride's Wedding Dress

Quite underrated in its understated charm, if you ask me. I suppose it's hard to compete with her iconic, blood-spattered yellow motorcycle jumpsuit, but this flowy white gown does so admirably.

3. Francesca Mondino's Cat Fascinator

The Weinstein Company

Remember what I said about it not getting cooler than red cross eye patches? Leopard fascinators might just be cooler.

2. Elle Driver's Trench Coat

*cue ominous whistling*

1. Shosanna's Red Gown

The Weinstein Company

And now we have the best Nazi-exploding outfit to date. Apparently, Shosanna was originally supposed to appear at her big night in a LBD, but Tarantino and costume designer Anna Sheppard quickly decided that she needed something more show-stopping... and this floor-dusting red gown is nothing if not show-stopping.