What You See in These Cheese Curls of Instagram Reveals the Innermost Workings of Your Mind

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I may be dating myself here, but does anyone else out there remember the episode of Mad About You where the image of Madonna’s face from Evita magically surfaced in a bakery muffin? The latest novelty Instagram account to make its way around the Internet is kind of like that, only with cheese curls. Called Cheese Curls of Instagram, it consists of a huge variety of photographs of cheese curls looking like… well, anything but cheese curls. If you gaze into the cheese curl, the cheese curl also gazes into you — and you’d be amazed what it can tell you about yourself.

“Basically I’m a mechanical engineer with a creative mind,” the genius behind Cheese Curls of Instagram recently told Yahoo Canada News. How did it start? “Last spring I was working on an invention at home,” he wrote in an email to the news outlet. “I would get so into the project that I didn’t want to stop to prepare food, so I reached for a bag of Cheetos. I normally eat healthy but hadn’t had them in years. I found Sasquatch in my first bag along with other interesting pieces.” For the curious, this is Sasquatch:

Not too long after that came Army Guy Shooting Down a Cliff:

Lucky Seven:

And all manner of other strange and mysterious items and creatures. But what’s really remarkable is how much you can learn about how you see the world just by looking at a handful of cheese curls. I think EJ Dickson of the Daily Dot described it best, calling the whole project “a Rorschach test, except with high-fructose, 600-calorie snack treats.” For example, although this one is captioned, “During the Filming of Trouble with the Curve, Clint Eastwood, was Asked by a Cinematographer to Look through the Camera to Check the Shot; an Action that Required him to Flip up the Brim of his Baseball Cap to Avoid Hitting the Eyepiece”:

I look at it and I see a world traveler wearing a peaked cap and carrying a backpack.

And while this one bears the caption, “After a Sermon, Pope Frances, Wearing a Miter, Prepares to Get in the Pope Mobile, but not Before Taking a Quick Selfie Using the Forward-Facing Camera on his iPhone 5s”:

I see one of the sad little polyps Ursula turns Triton and everyone into towards the end of The Little Mermaid giving a very depressed thumbs up. My vision of the traveler with the peaked cap and the backpack probably means I have a bad case of wanderlust, but I’m a little stumped on my interpretation of this one. Can anyone help me out here?

At least I, like many, see a llama in this one:

Head on over to Cheese Curls of Instagram to check out more. In the meantime, I feel there’s probably an untapped market for a Tumblr that performs the snack food version of Emojinalysis, revealing what the images we see in our junk foods of choice tell us about the inner workings of our minds.

BRB — looking into domain names...

Images: cheesecurlsofoinstagram/Instagram